What is Mulberry Silk?

Mulberry silk is one of the most luxurious and highest quality fabrics in the world. Derived from the cocoons of Bombyx mori silkworms that exclusively feed on mulberry tree leaves, this silk variety has become synonymous with luxury and comfort. Mulberry silk threads are renowned for their smooth texture, radiant sheen, and long durability. Widely utilized in crafting luxurious items such as silk pillowcases and bed linens, Mulberry silk has established itself as a symbol of refinement in the textile industry.
What is Mulberry silk? Pure Swiss Boutique - silk pillowcases ans bedding in Switzerland   What is Mulberry silk? Pure Swiss Boutique - silk pillowcases ans bedding in Switzerland   What is Mulberry silk? Pure Swiss Boutique - silk pillowcases ans bedding in Switzerland
Pure Swiss Boutique prides itself on creating high-quality collections made with premium Mulberry silk, known for its luxurious feel, hypoallergenic properties, and breathability. Choosing this exclusive fabric not only ensures unparalleled comfort, but also supports sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Among textiles, Mulberry silk stands out for its sophistication and ability to promote well-being.

Properties and Benefits of Mulberry Silk

Hydrating to Hair and Skin:

Mulberry silk, being protein-based, helps retain moisture and keeps hair and skin hydrated during sleep. In contrast, fabrics like cotton may strip moisture away. Choosing Mulberry silk pillowcases and bedding promotes healthier hair and skin.

Preventing Hair Breakage, Tangles, and Bedhead:

The friction-free surface of Mulberry silk reduces hair friction, preventing tangles, breakage, and bedhead. It cradles hair gently, leaving it smooth and tangle-free. Using a silk pillowcase and silk sleep cap can enhance this effect.

Minimizing Sleep Wrinkles:

Sleeping on Mulberry silk provides a spa-like experience for your face, minimizing sleep wrinkles caused by skin compression against the pillow. Dermatologists often recommend silk for its smooth and gentle surface.

Hypoallergenic and Beneficial for Sensitive Skin:

Naturally hypoallergenic, Mulberry silk resists dust mites, mold, and allergens. It is free of added chemicals, making it suitable for those with allergies or sensitive skin, creating a cleaner, healthier sleep environment.

Temperature Regulating:

Mulberry silk's natural insulating and moisture-wicking properties help maintain a comfortable temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

What is "Momme" in silk fabric?

Momme (often abbreviated as "mm") is a unit of measurement used to express the weight of silk fabric. It is similar to the concept of thread count in cotton sheets but specifically applies to silk. The momme weight indicates the density and thickness of the silk fabric.

Here are some key points about momme and its significance in silk quality:

1. Definition of Momme:

Momme represents the weight of a piece of fabric, one momme is equivalent to 4.340 grams per square meter (g/m²).

2. Significance in Silk Quality:

Momme weight is a crucial factor in determining the quality and thickness of silk fabric. The higher the momme weight, the denser and more substantial the silk.
Silk with 19 and higher momme weight is generally considered to be of higher quality, as it tends to be more durable, lustrous, and luxurious.

3. Range of Momme Weights:

Silk fabrics typically range from around 6 to 30 momme. However, most common silk products, such as pillowcases and bedding, fall within the range of 16 to 22 momme.

Lower momme weights (e.g., 6 to 16) are often associated with lighter, more delicate silk suitable for items like scarves and lingerie. Higher momme weights (e.g., 19 to 30) are used for heavier, more substantial silk products, such as luxurious bedding and drapery.

4. Choosing Momme Weight for Silk Products:

The choice of momme weight depends on personal preference and the intended use of the silk product.

Lighter momme weights may be preferred for clothing and accessories where a more delicate feel is desired. For bedding and items that require durability and a luxurious drape, a 19 and higher momme weight is often recommended.

5.Silk Quality Considerations:

While momme weight is an important factor, it's not the only consideration for silk quality. Other factors, such as the type of silk (e.g., Mulberry silk), weaving techniques, and overall craftsmanship, also contribute to the overall quality of silk products.